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House Painting Fairfax VA should be your first choice for commercial and residential painting services here in Fairfax, Virginia.

Our great team is professional and reliable, and can offer indoor and outdoor painting, residential, commercial, wall paper removal, drywall repair, and pressure washing – everything you might need to freshen up your home or commercial property.

If you need a painters in Fairfax, Virginia or beyond, get matched with top, contact us today! For more information and to obtain a free no obligation quote, you’ll find all you need on the contact page of this webs



Painting a house or commercial building involves a lot more than simply applying a layer of paint and walking away. That’s why the professional team here  offer a full range of house services including:

  • Interior & Exterior House Paint
  • Painting Restoration
  • Preparing the space by repairing drywall
  • Wallpaper removal & Installation
  • Power washing to maintain painted surfaces or get ready for painting,
  • And other end to end wall painting service.

Read more about painters in Fairfax VA the most common services our customers ask of us, here.

Commercial Painting Services

Interior and Exterior Painting

One feature of both our indoor and outdoor painting service is the high quality products we choose. When it comes to paint, to a large extent you really do get what you pay for. A good paint will look more vibrant, last better, and give a smooth and attractive finish. Choosing a cheaper option may simply mean you have a result you’re unhappy with, and which degrades too quickly – meaning you need to pay once again to have the job done. Our team can guide you through the paint options available and would highly recommend best paint to make sure you make the best choices. 

Our painting contractors can paint the inside and outside of your home or business property, using high quality paints, and for a price we think you’ll love. Don’t put yourself at risk by working at height, and don’t use your precious time to paint your home – when a professional will get a better finish every time. Give our team a call today.

Residential Painting Services

The first step is to get in touch with the team, so we can talk through what you’re considering for your home. Our contractors will come to your place for a site visit, to measure up and look at any preparation that might be needed before painting. We can then provide a free no obligation estimate based on the areas and paint types you’ve selected. If you want to go ahead, we’ll arrange to visit your home at a time that’s convenient to you and your family, and will make sure that we work clean and fast, to limit the disruption. Then you’re free to simply get on with enjoying spending time in your newly painted home.

If you have just moved home, you’ll likely want to put your own stamp on the new place. Or maybe you live in a property you love, but it needs a freshen up. A coat of paint is the best way by far to make your place bright and new again, and ensure you and your family have a beautiful space to relax in. Let us help you achieve this with a full residential painting service.

Commercial Painting Services

House Painting Fairfax VA work with businesses and public organizations to provide a high quality commercial painting service. We can work with office buildings, providing indoor and outdoor painting services, hospitality environments, churches, warehouses and retail units, schools or other educational establishments and more. 

Commercial painting projects may be larger, or more complex than the average residential job. While we use the same high quality products for all our work, and of course, have the same professional approach – a commercial project usually involves liaising with a number of other contractors to make sure everything happens on schedule. We do this so you don’t have to worry – and to make sure we deliver what we promise. Get in touch to learn more about the commercial painting services available here.


​Drywall Repair

Wall Paper Removal

Wallpaper might look great when it’s first installed, but over time it gets tired, dated and damaged. Whether you’re planning on putting on a new layer of paper, or want to prepare the walls for a coat of paint for a change, you’ll need to first get rid of the old before you can roll out the new. 

Preparing a space for painting might involve removing the wall coverings, including wallpaper or popcorn ceilings. This is time consuming and requires professional wall paper removal tools to make it efficient. The easiest way to get this done and have a finish you’re proud of is to call in a pro. Why wait? Call a member of our friendly team today to find out more.

Drywall Repair

Before we can paint, we need to make sure that damage or imperfections in the drywall are sorted, to get the best possible finish after painting. If you have areas of the drywall which have seen better days, you don’t need a separate contractor to deal with this – let us pick this up as part of our end to end service.

Pressure/Power Washing

Power washing is a good investment. By cleaning the build up of dirt and other grime from your property, you’re keeping it in good condition, and reducing the need for further repair down the line, This means it can save you money.

In both residential and commercial settings, power washing is a very useful way to remove the dirt, dust and grime that builds up. We can pressure wash the outside of your building to prepare it for painting, or simply as part of your ongoing maintenance and to ensure the property is not damaged by a build up of mess. Call us today.


Our professional team at House Painting Fairfax VA is here to help customers looking for painting services in Fairfax, Virginia and beyond. Visit our contact page for details of how to get in touch for free estimates.

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