​Drywall Repair

​Drywall Repair

Sometimes the drywall in a building can start to show signs of damage, such as cracks, or nails popping out. Getting in drywall repair contractors to sort the issue is a smart investment – as with most home repair jobs, this is one which will only get more complicated and more expensive if it is ignored! Our team can offer drywall repair as well as painting services, to have your room looking as good as new again in no time. Get in touch to find out more.

What Exactly Is Drywall?

Drywall is also known as plaster board, wall board or gypsum board. It’s used in a lot of modern construction to form internal walls. It’s made up of large sheets of gypsum, which have a type of paper backing on each side, The paper on one side is intended to be facing outwards, and can be prepared and painted or papered as you wish. If you have a modern home or office, the chances are it has drywall in it.

What Sort Of Damage Might I Find In Drywall?

If you’ve spotted any sort of damage in your drywall, or if you’re ready to redecorate and notice cracking, getting interior drywall professionals in to check it out is a good move. Drywall cracks often appear around stress points such as doors and windows, and you may also find that nails start to pop out of the wall, joint tape splits or bubbles, or dents appear through normal wear and tear. And of course, there are also times when accidental damage can be an issue. Maybe you’ve hit the drywall with a sofa when switching your furniture around, or that game of ball indoors caused some unexpected consequences. Don’t worry. We’ve seen it all before, and we can help.

Can I Repair My Drywall Myself?

The helpful team at House Painting Fairfax VA are here if you need drywall repairs, either as part of a larger painting project, or as a stand alone task. You’ll find lots of information online which suggests fixing drywall yourself, using all sorts of materials from soap to toothpaste. In truth, you’re unlikely to get as good a result if you’re using a poor quality material, without the right tools, and with little know-how. A better bet for most drywall repairs – especially if you have a larger area to repair or if it’s in a prominent place in your home, is to have a professional do it for you.

Our Drywall Repair Services

Drywall repairs might be needed after an accident or some other damage, or you might only notice some smaller cracks or imperfections when you come to redecorate a room. In either case, getting them seen to by a professional is the best idea. We can fix imperfections so you’d never know there was a problem. Interested in learning more about our Drywall Repair and pressure washing service? Our reliable team at House Painting Fairfax VA is waiting for your call!