​Interior and Exterior Painting

​Interior and Exterior Painting

If you’re looking for professional exterior house painters, or need an interior residential painting service you can rely on, you’re in the right place. The expert team here at House Painting Fairfax VA offer an end to end painting service which includes all the preparation which must be done to get a great finish – think wallpaper removal, power washing and any repairs needed to drywall in the property. It’s how we make sure we get the result you want – and make your life that little bit easier, too.

Exterior Painting

Our crew of experienced contractors are specialists in exterior commercial painting, and in painting the exterior of homes in our area. Whether you are looking for help staining painted wood, need brick painters for the exterior of your commercial building, or professional deck painters to get the right look for the outside of your property, we can help. Interior or Exterior painting is hard to get right without calling in a professional. It often requires working at height which can be a risk, and you’ll need specialist products to get a good and long lasting finish. Call us today to learn more.

Interior Painting

Painting the inside of your home or business property is both a satisfying way to get a new look, and an investment in the building. Regular painting provides protection for the fabric of the property and gives and opportunity for thorough cleaning and repairs where needed due to normal wear and tear. Let us help you with interior painting, from choosing the right paint type for the finish you want, to delivering a fresh and neat looking place you can enjoy spending time in.

High Quality Painting Products – Worth The Investment

One feature of both our interior and exterior painting service is the high quality products we choose. When it comes to interior and exterior paints, to a large extent you really do get what you pay for. A good paint will look more vibrant, last better, and give a smooth and attractive finish. Choosing a cheaper option may simply mean you have a result you’re unhappy with, and which degrades too quickly – meaning you need to pay once again to have the job done. Our team can guide you through the paint options available to make sure you make the best choices. Give House Painting Fairfax VA a call if you need help!

Our Interior and Exterior Painting Service

Every job we take on at House Painting Fairfax VA is unique, and our personal touch with all of our customers really reflects that fact. Whatever service you want – interior and exterior paints, residential or commercial – is completely tailored to your needs, to match your style and budget perfectly. To learn more about the professional work we do, get in touch today.