​​Pressure/Power Washing

​​Pressure/Power Washing

Power washing is a great way to remove dirt and grime from your property quickly. You can pressure wash your driveway, the outside of your home, and many other places where dirt, mud, mildew and bacteria tend to build up, for a cleaner and safer home all round. Want to know more about pressure washing benefits, and any possible drawbacks you need to understand? Simply ask one of our talented contractors from House Painting Fairfax VA – they’ll be happy to walk you through how power washing can help benefit your home.

Where In My Home Can I Have Pressure Wash Treated?

Pressure washing – also called power washing – is a fairly flexible way of washing surfaces. You use a high power hose, but can also adjust the strength of the jet to allow you to wash even surfaces you may consider to be delicate. Use power washing on the exterior of your home, including brick power washing, washing exterior paint, fences, garage doors, concrete walkways, patios and driveways, decking and more. Ask us if you want to check if power washing is suitable in a specific area of your home or commercial property.

Why Bother Power Washing?

Power washing is a good investment. By cleaning the build up of dirt and other grime from your property, you’re keeping it in good condition, and reducing the need for further repair down the line, This means it can save you money. It also improves curb appeal, and can increase the value of your property. After all, first impressions count, and pressure washing can certainly make your home look neater in just a short space of time. Finally, some of the things which attach themselves to the exterior of your property aren’t good for you, your family or pets. Mildew and bacteria can build up for example, – using power washing to remove these contaminants is just a smart choice.

Power Washing Before Painting

When it comes to house painting, we here at House Painting Fairfax VA really know our stuff – and every single member of our team will tell you that the key to a great finish is proper preparation. If you’re planning on having the exterior of your home painted, power washing it is a good idea, to make sure the surface is ready to paint. The high power jets remove dirt, grime, mud, mildew and any smaller flakes of paint which are already coming loose. This allows the new paint to have a better surface to stick to – and gets a better finished look.

Our Pressure/Power Washing Service

Our pressure washing service is consistently popular with many of our customers here in Fairfax, Virginia. It’s worth having your home pressure washed every year or so as part of your regular maintenance, and over the years, our team at House Painting Fairfax VA has helped out many members of the local community by making sure their property is neat and clean through power washing. Want to learn more and explore power washing for your own home? Don’t forget to go to the contact page of this website to find all you need to obtain a free no obligation quote.