​​Residential Painting Services

​​Residential Painting Services

Painting your home is a big job, and can feel a bit daunting. You’ll need to choose a color, look and finish, get the right types of paint, and make sure the whole area is properly prepared. All this before you even pick up a paint brush. That’s where we can help – by giving you all the advice and support you need, and providing a full residential painting service for you and your family. You just need the imagination to come up with the finished look you think will suit your property, and we can work with you to create it. Get ready to create your dream home, now.

Paint Types Explained

When you’re working out exactly how you want your finished room to look, you’ll need to take into account the types of paint available to you. The most common types are gloss, flat (also called matte) or satin (sometimes called eggshell). A gloss paint finish reflects the light, and is often used to highlight features or in areas where a wipe clean surface is helpful. Think bathrooms, mud rooms and door frames, for example. A flat finish is not reflective, and typically is used on ceilings and walls – because it doesn’t reflect the light it can be used where there are flaws in the plaster, too. Satin is somewhere between the two – a satin finish gives a subtle sheen when you look at an angle, but is forgiving of flaws in the plaster work.

Choosing A Paint Type

The contractors at House Painting Fairfax VA have years of experience in residential and commercial painting, and know that it can be hard to know which type of paint is best suited to different jobs around the home. We will be happy to walk you through the options, including the pros and cons of each. Ask any questions you may have, such as how to maintain a certain finish, or how often you’ll need to repaint – and we will do our very best to answer based on the specifics of your home.

Residential Painting Process

The first step is to get in touch with the team at House Painting Fairfax VA, so we can talk through what you’re considering for your home. Our contractors will come to your place for a site visit, to measure up and look at any preparation that might be needed before painting. We can then provide a free estimate no obligation based on the areas and paint types you’ve selected. If you want to go ahead, we’ll arrange to visit your home at a time that’s convenient to you and your family, and will make sure that we work clean and fast, to limit the disruption. Then you’re free to simply get on with enjoying spending time in your newly painted home.

Our Residential Painting Services Service

With all of our residential painting customers, professional customer service is our priority. Even if you’re only refreshing one room, we will provide all you need, on time and on budget, and using skilled contractors and high quality paints. Maybe that’s why previous clients tell us that House Painting Fairfax VA are among the best in the business, if you need great but affordable house painting services here in Fairfax, Virginia don’t hesitate to contact us. Call House Painting Fairfax VA today to schedule a free estimate, or request a free quote by filling out the form.