​​Wall Paper Removal

​​Wall Paper Removal

Wallpaper might look great when it’s first installed, but over time it gets tired, dated and damaged. Whether you’re planning on putting on a new layer of paper, or want to prepare the walls for a coat of paint for a change, you’ll need to first get rid of the old before you can roll out the new. If you’re looking for a wallpaper removal company to get your home or commercial property ready for painting or to replace wall coverings, we can help. As professional contractors experienced in removing wall paper of all types, our team can get a great finish no matter how tough the job may be.

Why Choose Professional Wallpaper Removal Services?

It is possible to remove wallpaper yourself at home. However, this is a time consuming job, and if you try to tackle it without the experience or proper wallpaper removal tools, you may also damage the plaster or drywall beneath it. This then leads to costly repairs. A further consideration is that some very old wallpaper – or other coverings like popcorn ceilings – may contain asbestos or other dangerous elements. Don’t risk dealing with it yourself if you’re not sure – have a pro come to test it and remove wallpaper or wall coverings in a safe way.

Dealing With An Unwanted Popcorn Ceiling

If you’re wondering how to scrape a painted popcorn ceiling, we have an easy answer – call a professional in from House Painting Fairfax VA to do it for you. Popcorn ceilings were popular through the 1970s and 80s  but these days can look dated. Getting rid of them is a tricky job, and even more so if they have been painted as the layer of paint acts as an extra adhesive and stops the coating from coming off. Older popcorn ceilings may also contain asbestos – making this a job best left to the professionals.

Wall Paper Removal Before Painting

If you’re planning on having the wallpaper removed from your home or business property prior to painting the wall, it’s good to know but make sure that there may be additional steps to take before you can get out your paint brush. For example, if you’ve taken wallpaper from drywall, it might need to be cleaned, sanded and sealed before you can paint. Skipping steps might feel like it’ll save time, but you’ll struggle to get the result you want – which can end up costing more or taking longer in the end. Ask our team about how to best move to the next stage of your project – or even better, have us manage it end to end for you.

Our Wall Paper Removal Service

The team here at House Painting Fairfax VA have worked with many clients a number of times over the years. They tend to tell their friends and family about us, while showing off their home’s great new look.  As a result of these word of mouth recommendations, our client base is growing, and we are always happy to meet a new customer looking for wall paper removal, painting or other connected services. To learn more about way to remove wallpaper and how we work, check out the testimonials over on the home page, or simply give us a call.